The Story of Torchlight Tax

Hi. This is Dave Horwedel. I am an Enrolled Agent, EA, the highest federal tax credential, and the founder of Torchlight and Guard Dog Tax. I would like to introduce you to my firm. I apprenticed at another EA/CPA firm before starting my own practice in 2015 in Las Vegas. I started my firm working […]

How to Minimize Audit Risk!!!

Taxpayers are terrified of audits. This is understandable. They can be a lot of hassle. However, if your tax

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 4: Your Right to Challenge the IRS’s Position and Be Heard

You have a right to disagree with the IRS. Sometimes, the IRS makes mistakes, and you can take a different..

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2: The Right to Quality Service

Have you experienced the frustration and disappointment of encountering bad service when dealing with the IRS?

IRS Audit Defense

Your worst fear has occurred. The IRS is auditing you. Whether it is…

Unconfrontable Tax Debt

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What If the IRS Is Threatening A Wage Or Bank Levy?

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What to Do if You get a Letter from the IRS

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What Is IRS Representation?

Hi. I’m Bruce Roth and my guest today is Dave Horwedel….

Do You Want To Pay Less Tax?