Tax Prep Las Vegas and Nationwide: Our Goal Is To Lower Your Tax Bill Without Shortcuts That Put You at Risk

Torchlight Tax and Financial Solutions offer a wide range of comprehensive tax services to our individual and business clients. Our extensive experience and knowledge of US and state tax laws generally benefit our clients, all of whom receive personalized, quality service from our Enrolled Agents or CPAs. Torchlight Tax was founded on a quality tax foundation – ethically representing our clients in the best possible manner to remove any worry or threat resulting from tax filing. And we represent our clients to the fullest extent of our capacity to defend their rights and use our expertise and experience to find every legal tax break the law allows to lower their tax liability and overall tax burden – to help them to save money or get money back.

Our guiding principle is that we are here to provide tax preparation services to service our clients and deliver high quality tax services that achieve the tax savings mentioned above. A skilled tax preparer plays a crucial role in delivering these services effectively. We also believe that the subject of taxes is understandable, and are willing to explain things to our clients. The most common public complaint we have encountered about EAs and CPAs is “he does not take my calls”. Well, at Torchlight we will take your calls, or at least call back within 24 hours. You are important to us. Our firm is here to service you, not the reverse.

We provide business tax services, including tax planning, preparation of corporate tax returns, and representation for tax audits.

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Our Mission

Just expert knowledge and hard work in tax preparation to get you every tax break the law allows

Torchlight tax and financial solutions offer a wide range of services to our individual and business clients, including income tax preparation by experienced tax preparers, setting up corporations or other entities such as partnerships or trusts to give you tax benefits, filing amended or late tax returns, representing you in front of the IRS, resolution of IRS problems, wealth and estate planning, college or retirement planning, accounting and bookkeeping services, payroll, tax planning, and business valuation.

In addition to income tax preparation for personal and business taxes, tax planning and corporate tax returns, we also provide payroll services to support anything from small business owners to large corporations.

Get professional tax preparation services for your business taxes or personal taxes this tax season

Filing taxes involves getting income documents, filling out a tax return, and deciding whether to file returns yourself or hire a tax preparer. Professional assistance can ensure accuracy and compliance with tax laws.

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Our Team Supporting You

Torchlight Experts

Dave Horwedel
Founder & CEO
Shaun Linford
Jim Daloiso
Tax Attorney
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Enrolled Agent

What our clients are Saying

Tax Returns Done Right Save Dollars!

You are at the right place to get business & personal tax returns done

We can defend you before the IRS

As Enrolled Agents, we can represent you before the IRS. You sign an IRS Form 2848 IRS Power of Attorney appointing us, and we can stand by you or in your place in an IRS audit. We know taxes. So if the IRS incorrectly assesses tax or is overzealous in collection, we can correct and spot the error. We can stand up for your rights because we know what they are. You would not go to court without a lawyer. Don’t go before the IRS without an Enrolled Agent. We can represent anyone anywhere in the US before the IRS.

People chose us because we know what we are doing and take care to do taxes right. As Enrolled Agents (America’s most prestigious tax credential), we have been thoroughly tested on our tax expertise and are federally licensed to represent our clients as their attorney before the IRS. We work for our client and our knowledge is applied for his benefit. People come to Torchlight Tax because someone they know and trust refers them, or because they decide, after talking to us, viewing our website, or watching our tax videos, that we are who we say we are – true tax experts who go the extra mile to save our client’s tax dollars.

At Torchlight Tax, we save you money by doing your taxes the right way, without cheating or putting you at risk. We can also handle ALL your tax needs. Once the return is filed, we can represent you before the IRS, and use the law to get you your best tax resolution. We handle complex taxes and get our clients out of tax binds. Because we have this skill set, we can also handle your taxes right in the first place and prevent a complex tax bind.

An accurate tax return that correctly gives you every legal deduction and credit is essential for your financial health and sense of wellbeing. We can file your current tax return rapidly and accurately. This can show up in a larger tax refund or a smaller tax liability. We can also amend past tax returns and re-file them. This can handle past errors that are stressing you out, or in some cases – LOWER your tax liability or even get you a REFUND – because the return is done RIGHT. Un-filed back returns can also be filed, usually to the great relief of our clients. It is horrifying how un-filed back taxes, can eat away at a person. They do not know how much they owe, but they do know they are in trouble. One client had been afraid to marry the woman he loved, because he did not want get her involved in his tax troubles!!! Life is too valuable to spend it looking over your shoulder for the IRS! It is far easier for a real tax expert to fix a tax situation then the besieged taxpayer expects.

We can save you money in the following areas of tax specialization:

  • • Innocent spouse case
  • • Tax Preparation – Amended Tax Returns – Past Returns
  • • IRS Representation – Offers In Compromise – Installment Agreements – Un-Collectible status -Penalty Abatement – Wage Garnishment handling – Tax Lien and Levy handling – Audit defense
  • • Business Returns – Sole Proprietors, Partners, LLCs, C-Corporations, S-Corporations
  • • Tax Planning – Tax Strategies to save tax dollars-There are MANY of these
  • • Accurate Bookkeeping & Payroll Services
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