The Story of Torchlight Tax

The Story of Torchlight Tax

Hi. This is Dave Horwedel. I am an Enrolled Agent, EA, the highest federal tax credential, and the founder of Torchlight and Guard Dog Tax. I would like to introduce you to my firm.

I apprenticed at another EA/CPA firm before starting my own practice in 2015 in Las Vegas.

I started my firm working at the dining room table in my Las Vegas home. Later that year, I moved to my current central office building at 9788 Gilespie Street in Las Vegas.

Originally, I was working by myself doing tax returns. I gradually added on other staff and other offices.

To ensure the highest quality service, I hired EAs and CPAs to side check my returns. Later I had them doing returns themselves, which I side checked. As traffic increased, some of them were authorized to side check returns themselves.

A proper side check saves time, money and gives a better product. Nothing wastes more time and generates more added traffic than a mistake submitted to the IRS–thus the importance of side checking.

Our purpose at Torchlight and Guard Dog Tax is to save our clients’ tax dollars without cheating or putting them at risk.

I did over 40 tax education videos and articles when I started my firm. We continue to produce videos and blogs every week which can be viewed on my websites and YouTube channels.

We now have a total of 7 Offices in Nevada, New Jersey and Florida. We have myself and three other tax experts with 4 and 5 year accounting degrees and over 25 years of professional tax experience each. Two are EA-accountants and one is a CPA.

An additional CPA is starting this week.

My former secretary, Ody Tejada, is bilingual and has already passed one of the three EA exams.  She will be a full EA in a few months.

Yuliette Hotchkiss, another former secretary, had a five year accounting degree from Columbia before she came here.  She has increased our ability for bilingual tax services and is slated to be a full EA this year.

We also increased our management, marketing, and support staff.

As time went on, we started doing more and more IRS debt negotiation. We formed Guard Dog Tax to specifically represent people who needed help dealing with the IRS.

As part of this, we correctly submitted for the Employee Retention Credit for our clients and are offering ERC Review and ERC Audit Defense for those whose ERCs may have been misdone by untrained or unethical tax services that sprung up with the ERC.

We also discovered many of our clients were not set up properly with trusts, LLCs, and Corporations to save tax dollars and protect their assets. This last, in our current legal climate, is often underprioritized.  Thus, we have a legal team that assists us in delivering these services.

We have two separate websites for the two companies and two YouTube channels.

To grow my business, I had to learn marketing. I found many marketing “gurus” were not able to improve our bottom line. I learned enough marketing to spot the true marketing experts, and to assist them in expanding my business.

As a result, we started our own marketing company–Torchlight 10X Marketing.

John Eberhard, who oversees my own marketing team, now oversees our marketing firm’s delivery.  Our purpose in marketing is to increase your profits by smart, affordable marketing.

Due to our expansion, we routinely hire more people for our operations. As we found existing hiring platforms expensive and inadequate, we did our own hiring video.

We are always open to applicants who would like to join our firm.

If you need help with any tax or marketing matter, Torchlight Tax, Guard Dog Tax and Torchlight 10X Marketing are ready to give you any help you may need.

Contact us at 877-758-7797 or email us at for a free consultation on any tax or marketing matter.

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