Our Complete ERC Process

At Torchlight Tax, the steps in ERC application and delivery are seven-fold.

How Does the ERC “Partial Shutdown” Test Work?

If you do not qualify for the ERC by the Gross Receipts Test, there is a second independent test that you take.

The Biggest Misconception about the ERC

There is a common misunderstanding among taxpayers and inadequately trained tax professionals. They think the IRS gives…

Employee Retention Credit for Plumbing and HVAC Firms – Do you Qualify or Not?

Getting an ERC, if you truly  qualify, can be a huge boon for you and your business. There can be a lot of money involved.

Employee Retention Credit for Construction and Real Estate Development Firms-Do you Qualify or Not???

Getting an ERC, if you truly qualify, can be a huge boon for you and your business. There can be a lot of money involved here.

The Definitive Guide to the Employee Retention Credit

This article shows the employer how he can ensure his employee retention credit submission is correctly done.

Get Ready for Your COVID-19 IRS Audit

Just like in the castles of old, you wanted your castle ready before the enemy …

IRS Warning on the Employee Retention Credit

The IRS has issued a warning about improper Employee Retention Credit…

Employee Retention Credit: Benefits versus Risk.

There is a lot of false data out there about the Employee Retention Credit…

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