Save Tax Dollars and Hassle by Acting NOW Before 2023 Tax Season

Save Tax Dollars and Hassle by Acting NOW Before 2023 Tax Season

by Dave Horwedel, EA

For many people, especially small business people, taxes and accounting are right up there with meeting your ex-wife’s millionaire new husband after he purchased your company, or discovering your broker had invested all your assets in FTX as a birthday surprise.

Doing accounting and taxes at the last minute can be a harrowing experience.

Also, clients often ask what they can do to lower the taxes on the year that is already finished. There are some things one can do, but it is limited, as you cannot go back in time and purchase some deductible equipment or make a donation to charity for the year that is  already past.

Most last-minute filers swear they are going to turn over a leaf next year and get their bookkeeping and accounting done early.  If you like, we at Torchlight Tax would be glad to take you up on this.

Contact us for a free consultation. You can give us remote access to your books. It is easy. You do not even have to come into our office. (You are welcome to if you wish.) We can get all the bookkeeping and accounting for 2022 done now and advise on tax-savings strategies before December 31.

We can file your taxes as soon as the IRS E-file opens up. Or, if you want to delay for some reason, we can do your taxes and file a six month extension. You would at least know what you are going have to pay.

Of course, knock on wood, if you are due a refund you can get it early!

This also allows you to use bookkeeping and accounting as a tool to guide your business planning and have a better grasp as to what is successful and what is not.   It seems hard to believe, but businesses were actually using accounting before the Income Tax was invented.

Give yourself a Christmas Present of a tax-hassle-free New Year.  Contact Torchlight Tax  for a free consultation at 702-463-1818 or email us at

Torchlight Tax is a full-service firm for all your accounting and tax needs:

  • Payroll? Yes
  • Business Tax filings? Yes
  • Tax Planning? Yes
  • LLC formation?  Yes
  • S corporation formation? Yes
  • C Corporation Formation? Yes
  • IRS Representation? Yes
  • IRS debt settlement? Yes
  • Payment Plans? Yes
  • Audit defense? Yes
  • Lien Defense? Yes
  • Levy Defense? Yes

If you are wondering if you could qualify for $26,000 per employee Employee Retention Credit, we would be glad to answer that question in a free consultation and analysis.  If you do qualify, we would be glad to submit for the credit.

If you have already filed for the ERC and are wondering if you went overboard or are worried about 87,000 new IRS agents coming after you in an audit, we can help you there.  We have already been prepping for ERC Audit Defense.

Our purpose at Torchlight Tax is three-fold

  • To save you task dollars without cheating or putting you at risk.
  • To make taxes and accounting as painless as possible
  • To help you expand your business and/or achieve your financial goals.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you save the most money on your 2022 taxes, call us now at 702-463-1818, or click here and fill out the form below.

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