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Tax Returns Done Right Save Dollars

How can you tell? Do you trust your tax guy? Are you missing needed records? Confused about taxes? Are you guessing where to put the numbers? Is someone lying?

Each year billions of tax dollars are wasted because the taxpayer himself or his tax guy did not know or take care to use all the tax breaks the law allows. Each year taxpayers find the big refund they got years ago was a mistake, and with fines and penalties, they are ruined. This is why it is essential that your taxes are done by someone who knows what they are doing and takes care do it right.

Tax returns done right

What Do You Do?

You need a tax expert who knows tax and who is on your side. The top tax expert in America is the federally licensed Enrolled Agent (EA). Contact Torchlight Tax for a free consultation with an EA. Meet with one. Get your questions answered. Then decide.

All Tax Pros Are Not Created Equal

A true tax professional uses his knowledge and his computer programs to save your tax dollars. A computer program is not enough. Nor is an untrained tax “pro” with a computer program. Only EAs and CPAs are required to demonstrate competence by passing professional exams. One can be a “licensed tax preparer” by filling out an application and sending it to the IRS – No mandatory training. Look for the cert on the wall.

Be Smart – Pay Your Taxes – But Only the Legal Minimum

At Torchlight your tax return is done by America’s most highly trained tax professional- the Enrolled Agent. Each return, whether personal or business, is individually and carefully done so as to maximize your tax benefit. We do not take short cuts. We do not cheat. We do not set time targets to complete a tax return. We have the knowledge, and we take the time and the care to complete your tax return to your maximum legal tax benefit.

Do you Have Other Tax Baggage?

Are you under audit? Do you have un-filed back returns? Did your tax guy disappear? Does he not answer the phone? Overwhelming Tax Debt? Books a Mess? Records non-existent?

Sometimes taxpayers don’t feel they are even up to the point where they can file the current year’s return. It is too complex or overwhelming. What to do?

Find an Enrolled Agent that you can trust. He can direct you out of this mess. Meet with an EA at Torchlight Tax. Then Decide.

Tax returns must be filed and to get your maximum refund or minimize your tax liability must be filed right. Millions of American are about to file. Some are stressed out. Some are looking forward to a refund. Many are uncertain as to whether they are getting the best tax break that they can. Billions of dollars are paid to the IRS unnecessarily. Don’t let your dollars be amongst them.

Stress free family

We’ve Made it our Business

  1. To know tax law and regulations
  2. To put our client’s best interest first
  3. To listen to our clients
  4. To explain to a client if he has a wrong idea that will cost him tax dollars or put him at legal risk
  5. To take the time necessary to do a tax return that maximizes our client’s tax benefit
  6. To refuse to do a return that puts our client at risk or wastes his tax dollars
  7. To do everything we can as a tax professional to help our client through any tax stress and to help him achieve the worry-free prosperity he seeks
Back Taxes

Back Taxes

Tax Returns

Tax Returns

IRS Representation

IRS Representation

Tax Planning

Tax Planning


Bookkeeping & Payroll

Client Testimonials

“Dave was very kind but persistent. He made me get the data needed for my corporate return and my back returns. He got everything in order and insisted I do it right. In the end, it cost me a lot less in tax then I had expected. And now I can get a mortgage loan and buy a house!” LJ

“I got a letter from the IRS correcting my 2013 return. I did not understand it and was not sure how to fix my return. It was only $200 more, but I was worried. I took it to Dave. After finding the error the IRS had found and correcting it, he found one more error. As a result after filing an amended return, I got a $4 500 refund. Dave is now my “go to” tax guy.” PM

Your Peace of Mind

Billions of tax dollars are over-paid each year because the person himself or the person he hired did not know or apply all the tax rules needed to minimize the tax. As Enrolled Agents, our tax knowledge is confirmed by the federal government and we are licensed to represent you before the IRS and can file taxes in any state. At Torchlight Tax, every tax return is side-checked by a second Enrolled Agent to ensure the highest quality and make sure no possible tax break is missed.

Our goal is to lower your tax bill without shortcuts that put you at risk. Just expert knowledge and hard work to get you every tax break the law allows.

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