Torchlight Experts

Meet The Team

Founder & CEO Dave Horwedel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dave Horwedel

A graduate of the prestigious Pomona College with a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics, Dave spent many years after graduation honing his communication and executive skills in specialized executive training and work experience.

Dave holds the highest federal tax credential, Enrolled Agent, which certifies his tax expertise and allows him to represent his clients as an attorney before the IRS.

He founded Torchlight Tax and Financial Services, a full-service tax firm, that does all kinds of tax preparation–business (sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs, C-Corporations, S-Corporations), Estates and Trusts. The product of Torchlight Tax is the tax dollars our clients save without cheating or putting them at risk.

Torchlight also does support services such as bookkeeping and payroll which are needed to file a tax return properly. Quality IRS Representation which settles IRS Debt most favorably for our client has also been a specialty of Torchlight Tax. Due to surging demand for IRS Representation, Dave formed GuardDog Tax as a department of Torchlight Tax and gave it its own website text.

COO Shaun Linford
Chief Organizing Officer

Shaun Linford

Shaun has extensive training and experience in communication and administrative skills. He handles the myriad day-to-day organizing actions necessary to keep the firm running smoothly while expanding rapidly.

Tax Attorney Jim Daloiso
Tax Attorney

Jim Daloiso

A graduate of Whittier College, Jim opened his tax law practice in 1993 and has been a practicing tax attorney ever since. He heads up the legal departments for both Torchlight and GuardDog Tax.

As a practicing tax attorney, Jim joins the EAs and CPAs and support staff of Torchlight and GuardDog Tax and allows Torchlight to have an enhanced ability to handle tax problems of any kind.

Enrolled Agent Ken Jones
Enrolled Agent

Ken Jones

A graduate of Washington University in Saint Louis with a Bachelor of Science in accounting, Ken has been servicing taxpayers for over 30 years as an Enrolled Agent. He has extensive experience in all types of personal tax returns, business returns (sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, C-Corporations, S-Corporations), Trusts, Estates, non-profits, and pretty much all aspects of the tax field. His main duties include tax preparation, IRS representation, quality control (side checking tax return filings before submission) and apprenticing new EAs and CPAs.

Ken has also kept up with the ever changing worlds of IRS codes and regulations. This, along with 60,000 hours of practical tax experience, makes Ken the go-to guy for oddball tax questions and situations.