Should I Get a Reverse Mortgage???

I knew a lady in her late 60s who was in good health and frustrated she could not do what she wanted to do in her “golden years.”

How to Minimize the Tax Hit on a Home Sale

If you’re looking to sell your home, you should take a close look at the exclusion rules and cost basis of your home to reduce your taxable gain on the sale.

How to Minimize Audit Risk!!!

Taxpayers are terrified of audits. This is understandable. They can be a lot of hassle. However, if your tax

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 4: Your Right to Challenge the IRS’s Position and Be Heard

You have a right to disagree with the IRS. Sometimes, the IRS makes mistakes, and you can take a different..

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights 3: Your Right to Pay the Correct Amount of Tax

You have a fundamental right with the Internal Revenue Service, The Right to Pay No More than the Correct Amount of Tax.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2: The Right to Quality Service

Have you experienced the frustration and disappointment of encountering bad service when dealing with the IRS?

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 10: Ensuring a Fair and Just Tax System

Taxpayers have a RIGHT to be treated fairly by the IRS. This can be useful in asking for managerial assistance, an appeal to..

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 9: Your Right to Retain Representation

You have the right to choose an authorized representative of your choice to act on your behalf in your dealings with the IRS.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 8: Your Right to Confidentiality

Taxpayers are sometimes worried that the IRS may use their confidential tax data improperly to their detriment.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 5: Your Right to Appeal an IRS Decision in an Independent Forum

This right entitles you to a fair and impartial administrative appeal of most…

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights 7: Your Right to Privacy

You as a taxpayer have the Right to Privacy in dealing with the IRS. The article below, quoted directly…

Taxpayer Bill of Rights 1: The Right to Be Informed

It is good reading for all taxpayers. Knowing what the IRS must inform you of, and letting them know when…

Knowing Your Taxpayer Rights Can Save Your @#$%&!

What many taxpayers do not know is they have rights. These rights keep the power of IRS Goliath in check–if they are…

Payroll Taxes Can Save Tax Dollars/Create Refunds

The world changes.  For many years, employers saved dollars by employing contractors. This is still a good….

Can You Deduct a Hobby?

You cannot deduct hobby expenses. But you can deduct business expenses. Many businesses started as hobbies. Many hobbyists, who turned their…

9 Current Tax Tips from the Carnivore’s Mouth

The fact is the IRS has sent out a bunch of tax tips that they consider worthwhile, and they are pretty good.

Tax Exempt Organizations Filing Deadline: May 15th

Tax-exempt organizations have certain returns they have to file in order to maintain their Tax-Exempt status.

401Ks – Roth versus Traditional

Below is an overview of both types and their tax implications, so you can make an informed decision. A traditional 401(k) allows you to set..

What to do if you missed the tax deadline

If you missed the deadline but filed an extension you’re probably in pretty good shape, as you avoided..

If you missed the tax deadline, these tips can help

The tax filing deadline has come and gone. If you didn’t file a tax return or an extension…

7 Tax Tips to Lower Stress & Save Money

Tax season can be a stressful time for many Americans, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to simplify the..

How to Deal With Unfiled Tax Returns

One of the most common tax problems is unfiled tax returns….

Unconfrontable Tax Debt

This is a common situation. For whatever reason, your IRS…

Save Tax Dollars and Hassle by Acting NOW Before 2023 Tax Season

For many people, especially small business people, taxes…

How to File an Amended Tax Return

Of course we all want the original return to be perfect. But sometimes…

Start Planning Now for Next Year’s Taxes

You may be tempted to forget about your taxes once you’ve filed your…

How to File Overdue Returns Without Raising a Red Flag

I have heard many taxpayers or potential taxpayers say something like…

Best Business Structure for Taxes

Hi, my name is Bruce Roth, and my guest today is Dave Horwedel….

Torchlight Tax is Hiring

Torchlight Tax is expanding and we are hiring now and for the…

The Hidden Costs of Payroll and Bookkeeping

The visible costs of Payroll and Bookkeeping can be truly …

What is an Enrolled Agent & Do I need one?

An enrolled agent (or EA) is a federally authorized tax practitioner…

How to File an Amended Tax Return

Of course we all want the original return to be perfect. But…

What is The Self-Employment Tax?

An enrolled agent (or EA) is a federally authorized tax …

Is the Obamacare Tax Penalty Dead?

As a practical matter the Affordable Care Tax Penalty…

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