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Estate & Trust Tax Planning

Tax Planning for your Estate and Trust

Estate Tax PlanningBusiness owners often overlook this factor and how important it is – understandably so – as running a business profitably is their first port of call. From there expanding and increasing market share while still managing profits and losses to stay in the black. So why the importance of estate planning and why now?

Simply stated: It impacts upon your management strategy and the purpose your business is built around. This influences your goals and objectives and aligns your thinking to long term. Sometimes small business owners fail to see beyond operating a sound and prosperous business. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Tax Planning for Companies

Knowing the objectives and purpose of a the business from the outset affects all decisions; financing, employment, sales and marketing strategies, products and services, management, margins, location, expansion plans, partnerships, joint ventures, and so much more.

It’s more than just a business. It is an asset that will afford you a retirement package, a legacy, and one that will beat inflation and set you up in your golden years, that you can be proud of, that has sustenance and longevity attached to it. And doing estate tax planning at the right time – and continuing to do so – will assist you in making the most of your legacy when the time comes. But it is more than just doing the planning that assists, it is the awareness thereof that is vital as this aligns and puts into perspective a things you would not normally consider.

If this is the case, planning for your exit is crucial and ideally done as close to the formation of the business as possible. You now create a purpose-built company.

Tax Planning for Corporates

With the complexities of taxes, laws, rules and regulations that govern larger businesses, it is prudent to align with an ethical savvy tax pro whom you can trust with your plans going forward. They stay abreast of all the latest laws so you can take advantage of these.

When the company starts to make a lot of money, you don’t want to make a silly mistake in taxes or policy that cuts the expansion or runs up the tax bill. You don’t want your competition to nab your market share while you are putting out IRS fires.

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Client Testimonials

I got a letter from the IRS correcting my 2013 return. I did not understand it and was not sure how to fix my return. It was only $200 more, but I was worried . I took it to Dave. He found the mistake the IRS had found and told me how he would correct it. It made sense. He then reviewed the rest of my return, found another error, filed an amended return, and I get a $5,000 refund on 2013. Then he reviewed 2014 and did an amended return, and I get another big refund. Dave is now my “go to” tax guy.