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Our goal is to lower your tax bill without shortcuts that put you at risk.
Just expert knowledge and hard work to get you EVERY TAX BREAK THE LAW ALLOWS!

Individual Tax Returns

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Using our knowledge and experience our aim is to make
your tax filing experience fast, professional and complete!




Call Us TOLL FREE: (877) 758 7797

Tax Returns Done Right Save Dollars!

You are at the right place to get business
& personal tax returns done

We do your tax return thoroughly, taking advantage of every legal tax break, and thus maximize your refund or minimize any taxes due – legally. We can also straighten out your books or get missing tax records, so you CAN file your taxes. Our expertise gives you the maximal benefit and the minimal hassle.


Why People Choose Us

People chose us because we know what we are doing and take care to do taxes right. As Enrolled Agents (America’s most prestigious tax credential) we have been thoroughly tested on our tax expertise and are federally licensed to represent our clients as their attorney before the IRS. We work for our client and our knowledge is applied for his benefit. People come to Torchlight Tax because they are referred by someone they know and trust, or because they decide, after talking to us, viewing our website, or watching our tax videos, that we are who we say we are – true tax experts who go the extra mile to save our client’s tax dollars.

At Torchlight Tax, we save you money by doing your taxes the right way, without cheating or putting you at risk. We can also handle ALL your tax needs. Once the return is filed, we can represent you before the IRS, and use the law to get you your best tax resolution. We handle complex taxes and get our clients out of tax binds. Because we have this skill set, we can also handle your taxes right in the first place and prevent a complex tax bind.

Tax Return Preparation
An accurate tax return that correctly gives you every legal deduction and credit is essential for your financial health and sense of wellbeing. We can file your current tax return rapidly and accurately. This can show up in a larger tax refund or a smaller tax liability. We can also amend past tax returns and re-file them. This can handle past errors that are stressing you out, or in some cases – LOWER your tax liability or even get you a REFUND – because the return is done RIGHT. Un-filed back returns can also be filed, usually to the great relief of our clients. It is horrifying how un-filed back taxes, can eat away at a person. They do not know how much they owe, but they do know they are in trouble. One client had been afraid to marry the woman he loved, because he did not want get her involved in his tax troubles!! Life is too valuable to spend it looking over your shoulder for the IRS! It is far easier for a real tax expert to fix a tax situation then the besieged taxpayer expects.
IRS Representation
As Enrolled Agents we can represent you before the IRS. You sign an IRS Form 2848 IRS Power of Attorney appointing us, and we can stand by you or in your place in an audit. We know taxes. So if the IRS incorrectly assesses tax or is overzealous in collection, we can correct and spot the error. We can stand up for you rights because we know what they are. You would not go to court without a lawyer. Don’t go before the IRS without an Enrolled Agent. Contact us for a free consultation.
Where We Can Save You Money

We can save you money in the following areas of tax specialization:

  • Innocent spouse case
  • Tax Preparation – Amended Tax Returns – Past Returns
  • IRS Representation – Offers In Compromise – Installment Agreements – Un-Collectible status -Penalty Abatement – Wage Garnishment handling – Tax Lien and Levy handling – Audit defense
  • Business Returns – Sole Proprietors, Partners, LLCs, C-Corporations, S-Corporations
  • Tax Planning – Tax Strategies to save tax dollars There are MANY of these
  • Accurate Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Individual Tax Services

Individual tax services

Sorting out tax returns and back taxes for individuals – saving you time and money

Useful Tips

Tax Returns & Back Taxes

Tax returns and back taxes

Maximising our skills, tax law knowledge & experience to deliver the best tax services

IRS Representation

IRS Representation

Taking care of the negotiations with the IRS for individuals and companies

Client Testimonials

Appointment to Visit the IRS
By Dave Horwedel

In past years, when all else failed, one could simply get up at the crack of dawn and go to the IRS office and wait inline and be seen. No longer. Such siege tactics are no longer workable in many areas. The good news is you can call these areas and make an appointment. Contact the IRS. Follow the instructions for reaching your local taxpayers assistance center.

Non-Profit Grants
By Dave Horwedel

Most Non-profits are eligible for $120,000 annually in free advertising grants. I like non-profits, including churches and church groups, that are helping to build a better world. It really is peripheral to taxes, but if you would like to use free advertising to expand your non-profit (or to form one), for free consultation contact me at 877 758 7797 – Toll Free

My books were a mess. Jaimie fixed them. Then she trained my secretary to do them right! I was very happy with the competence and the friendly service.


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