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Company Services Overview

Our Tax & Financial Services – Overview

Individual tax servicesAn accurate Tax Return that correctly gives you every legal deduction and credit is essential for your financial health. Incorrect Tax Returns can be amended and re-filed. Un-filed Tax Returns can be filed, and should be. If you are due a refund but do not file a Tax Return for more than 3 year after it’s due, the IRS will not pay that refund. The law states it does not have to be paid to you. But the money you owe the IRS and the penalties never go away.

As Enrolled Agents we can represent you before the IRS. We can stand by you or in your place in an audit. We know taxes. So if the IRS incorrectly levies a tax we can correct and spot the error. We can stand up for you rights because we know what they are. You would not go to court without a lawyer. Don’t go to the IRS without an Enrolled Agent. Enter the tax specialist.

Filing Back Taxes

Filing back taxes for individuals, companies and partners in corporations is what we specialize in. If a mistake was made on your original form submitted or you need to make an update to your submission then there is a procedure to follow to get it right. This is certainly the trickiest part of doing taxes but done correctly makes the negotiating part particularly rewarding.

Individual Tax Returns

Filing tax returns as an individual can be a simple task if there have been no changes to your status since your last filing. However, should things have changed; got married, had a child, moved states, started a business, inherited money, invested money, have rental properties, had a windfall gambling and any of many other “additions”, then you may want to contact a pro tax preparer to assist you to make the most of your new situation.

Business Tax Returns

If you run a small business or LLC, are a sole proprietor then the importance of knowing business structure, laws and in particular the tax laws play an important role in your income and prosperity going forward. Knowing the pros and cons of the different types of business structures will certainly be of benefit to you as will having an ethical and trusted tax advisor in your corner.

Corporation Tax Returns

Running or being a part of a corporation or large business or being a partner in one is certainly a different situation. Certainly having the right people in place is an asset of its own, as is the effective management of the company. Along with the raised responsibilities of having staff is knowing all the intricate ins and outs of the respective laws and rules of running such a company. Additional taxes, bookkeeping and payroll all become that much more complex to deal with and having a competent tax advisor on your side certainly can be counted amongst the company’s assets too.

IRS Representation

Whether you have to appear in front of the IRS as a corrective action or you have been summoned to appear, it is daunting nevertheless. The outcomes of such an appearance can be life changing if not handled correctly. Of the many reasons to have IRS representation one the most important is knowing the laws and procedures and who can speak for and on your behalf and not be “shaken” or intimidated in and by the process. When a mistake or misrepresentation of self can easily occur, the result can be catastrophic. Thorough, real and ethical advice is needed as is a healthy objective perspective of the situation.

Financial Services

Financial ServicesWorking for a company or running one you need to have a handle on your financial planning and be in the know as how to stay on top and ahead of the game. From Financial Planning and strategies to Tax Planning for your trust and estate, knowing the laws and requirements is an essential basic requirement.

Tax Planning

Tax is inevitable. This we all know. Rather than be the effect of taxes every year, be at cause. Getting to know the basics of tax planning is essential as this puts you one step closer to being causative. However, you are not expected to learn and know everything about tax planning (which is a vast and sometime complicated subject), in order to maximize the benefits. Draw upon the expertise of tax planning specialists in the field and utilize their skill, experience and knowledge and guide them in what you want from tax planning and together work out the ideal solution for your unique situation.

Estate & Trust Tax Planning

You are in business to build a legacy, and leave it in your family for the future. Your business is going from strength to strength and you need to protect its assets, take advantage of the tax laws and craft a strategy going forward that sees your hard work and smart decisions pay off in a stable and flourishing business. If this is to be, then estate & trust tax planning must form part of the mix. It is that important.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Every business needs proper, tidy and accurate books and to do this it is wise to enrol the requisite skills to do so. Not only does having good records afford you the peace of mind that you are on top of things, it saves time and money, hassles and worry when it comes to tax season. But one of the biggest advantages of having good books is that you have planning and predictability on your side, not to mention know the financial status of your business. Some businesses operate as insolvent yet for years think they are doing well. Your finger on the pulse of your business contributes to your state of mind and attitude towards running a profitable company.

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Client Testimonials

I got a letter from the IRS correcting my 2013 return. I did not understand it and was not sure how to fix my return. It was only $200 more, but I was worried . I took it to Dave. He found the mistake the IRS had found and told me how he would correct it. It made sense. He then reviewed the rest of my return, found another error, filed an amended return, and I get a $5,000 refund on 2013. Then he reviewed 2014 and did an amended return, and I get another big refund. Dave is now my “go to” tax guy.