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Torchlight Company Profile

Our Mission

Our goal is to lower your tax bill without shortcuts that put you at risk. Just expert knowledge and hard work to get you every tax break the law allows.

I am an Enrolled Agent (EA) and Founder of Torchlight Tax And Financial Solutions. As an EA, I have been able to represent our clients before the IRS and give them real tax help. Our clients routinely discover that their tax situation was not nearly as bad as they had thought. As President of the firm, I have been able to assemble a top team of professionals to service all of our clients diverse needs.

Torchlight tax and financial solution OFFERS A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES TO OUR INDIVIDUAL AND BUSINESS CLIENTS. OUR EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE OF US and state taxation GREATLY BENEFITS OUR CLIENTS, ALL OF WHOM RECEIVE PERSONALIZED, QUALITY SERVICE from our Enrolled Agents or CPAs. Torchlight Tax was founded on a quality tax foundation – ethically representing our clients in the best possible manner to remove any worry or threat resulting from tax filing – and we represent them to the fullest extent of our capacity to defend their rights and using our expertise and experience find every tax break the law allows – to get them to save money or get money back.

Dave Horwedel - IRS Enrolled Agent

Dave Horwedel – IRS Enrolled Agent

Our guiding principle is that we are here to service our clients and deliver them high quality tax services that achieves the tax savings mentioned above. We also believe that the subject of taxes is understandable, and are willing to explain things to our clients. The most common public complaint I have encountered ABOUT EAs and CPAs is “he does not take my calls”. Well, at Torchlight we will take your calls, or at least call back within 24 hours. You are important to us. Our firm is here to service you, not the reverse.

Another guiding principle of Torchlight Tax is ethics. We are not here to hoodwink the IRS or prepare a false tax return that gets us or our client in trouble. We are here to use every legal tax break or loophole and law to legally save our client tax dollars. It is easy to lower a tax bill and get a larger refund by lying about gross income or putting down false expenses. It is also fraud. And there is NO IRS Statute of Limitations on tax money saved by fraud. The IRS is not necessarily the smartest organization, and they can be fooled. But they do not go away. If you think you can get away with outright cheating on your taxes, you are likely right on one year’s tax return. But you are going to be filing taxes for a lifetime, getting away with it for a lifetime is a different matter. And no one needs the stress of false tax returns in their past.

But what if you cannot pay your tax bill, or are in a bind with un-filed tax returns or overwhelming tax debt? Well, our purpose at Torchlight Tax is to help you out of that tax bind legally. Many Americans were appalled that Donald Trump could be a billionaire and pay no income tax for years. But no one accused him of any illegality on his taxes. There are legal remedies to tax problems. Something can be done about it. As EAs we are qualified to represent you before the IRS in the same way a lawyer can. You simply sign an IRS Form 2848 Power of Attorney naming us to represent you before the IRS. As experts in IRS representation, we know how to protect your rights. We also know how to prepare a tax return correctly so that you are not at risk, and your return would be defensible in an IRS audit. We are expert in IRS representation, and we are also expert in doing taxes right in the first place so that you are less likely to need it.

Our Team

Central to our delivery team is the enrolled agent or EA. The enrolled agent holds the highest federal tax credential. He achieves this credential by passing a whole series of exams and is given this status by the Internal Revenue Service. His competence is attested to by the IRS. In order to maintain his credential, he must maintain a clean record and demonstrate ethical conduct. He must also keep up on the ever-changing world of taxes and IRS Regulation by taking continuing education classes on taxation and submitting evidence of this to the IRS annually.

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CPAs are also well known as tax professionals, and many are good. The EA has an advantage in taxation in that his is a federal license, while the CPA is licensed by a state. The EA’s federal credential automatically makes him the top licensed tax professional in all 50 states. At Torchlight Tax, we are licensed to file taxes in all 50 states, and have the expertise and computer program to file taxes in all US states and localities. CPAs are mainly trained in following standard accounting principles and filing financial reports. Torchlight Tax employs and partners with CPA when this expertise is needed.

Individual Tax return preparation- this is the most basic duty of the tax professional. Our significant investment in computerized tax preparation and research software dovetails smoothly with our own experience and expertise and enables us to accurately and efficiently prepare returns.

Having a computer program is not enough. Turbo tax is a fine computer program but you still have to know enough to put the numbers in the right place. I have seen brilliant professionals with six figure incomes pull in an IRS Audit by putting a number in the wrong place. Taxes are a complex subject. Laws and regulations change annually. The amount of effort it takes to keep up with these changes is not worth it for most Americans.

I had one lady come in with 5 years of un-filed taxes terrified because she had gotten a letter from the IRS. When we finished filing her back tax returns, she was greatly relieved at the small size of her tax bill and knowing she could pay off her bill off over five years if need be on an Installment Agreement.

Another client well past retirement age had been hounded by the IRS into making payments he could not afford on his Social Security income based on an 8 year old debit originally incurred at the time of a life threatening illness and loss of his home. Knowing tax law and IRS Regulations, we were able to stop the payments by getting his debt placed in “un-collectible’ status. By their own guidelines, the IRS had to acknowledge that his income was too small to pay any debt. and in two years, when the IRS Statue of Limitations expires, the entire tax bill goes away forever.

Another client had paid thousands of dollars in income tax to a state she no longer lived in. I was able to amend two years of tax returns and get all this money refunded.

This is what I enjoy. Helping our clients flourish and prosper by correctly applying tax law to the BENEFIT of my client, I ethically and legally get the IRS off my clients back because I know what the rules of the tax game are.

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Client Testimonials

I got a letter from the IRS correcting my 2013 return. I did not understand it and was not sure how to fix my return. It was only $200 more, but I was worried . I took it to Dave. He found the mistake the IRS had found and told me how he would correct it. It made sense. He then reviewed the rest of my return, found another error, filed an amended return, and I get a $5,000 refund on 2013. Then he reviewed 2014 and did an amended return, and I get another big refund. Dave is now my “go to” tax guy.