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Tax Tips in Short Videos

Learn more about Taxes through these short videos

Torchlight Tax – Introduction

What is Depreciation?

What is IRS Representation?

Deducting Your Vehicle

What is the IRS Statute of Limitations

Is a Free Consultation Really Free?

IRS Representation Uncollectable Status

Biggest Tax Break for Self Employed

IRS Installment Agreement

Becoming and Enrolled Agent

Payroll Tax Penalties

Different Types of Tax Professionals

Doing Your own Taxes VS Hiring a Pro

The Right Question can Save Thousands

Should I Itemize my Deductions?

The Hidden Costs of Bookkeeping

Having a Pro Do Your Taxes

IRS Offer in Compromise

Affordable Care Act

Choosing a Tax Professional

What is Earned Income Credit

Married Filing Jointly vs Filing Separately

Should I File my own Tax Returns

Tax Benefits Different Types of Corporation

What an Uber/Lyft Driver should know